Grow your food creator business.
We help you build and launch an interactive cookbook, and soon a ghost kitchen to deliver your viral recipes straight to your fans doors.
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Monetizing feels like selling out.
You have to grow your business on your terms, and recipes you offer play a big role. But existing tools make cookbooks hard to make, and they package those recipes in a way where audience experience suffers and it's hard to use.
Fans jump through hoops to find a recipe.
From getting viewers from your TikTok to Instagram so you can diversify your channels, and they get lost in the process, to burying your recipe at the bottom of your blog to increase ad revenue.
TikTok link in bio doesn't help your audience save things for later.
TikTok's built in browser is built to keep your audience in TikTok and just in time actions. That means visitors can't copy links, open in Chrome, or save bookmarks to take action on your recipes later.
PDFs and web pages are limiting for recipes.
You want to restrict access to recipes, but creativity on these mediums are limited compared to the widely successful story format. Your audience loves replaying your stories cooking along to your short video recipes.
Difficult to monetize your momentum from viral growth.
Your recipe goes viral on social media, but it's difficult to find a way to keep the momentum going and leveraging it to grow your food creator business.
What if there was a better way?
Hello, SMS drop waitlist and secure cart.
Leverage your virality, and use hype to grow your cookbook drop.

Reward early adopters and fans that help build your hype.

Own your fan data.

Collect new data to help you offer more products, and open new doors.

And of course, guarantee when fans and visitors checkout, so that your audience doesn't outcry because scalpers raided your drop (and yes, these things happen #ps5 #xbox #chipshortage).
SMS Open Rates
Happy fans
Hello, Dropify venture studios.
Building and launching products is hard.

With our extensive experience operating startups and businesses we guide your drops to success.

Focus on your content while we manage the launch and build of the platforms, like an interactive cookbook platform, and beyond, to grow your food creator business.

Be a part of a movement, and join us in the early stages. You'll be a part of our Discord Community.
Request early access to our features by texting our bot at +1-310-499-2551.
Cookbook Builder
Cookbook Analytics
Dropify Kitchens
1 SMS Drop / Month
Shopify Integration
Drop Analytics
Discord Community
Food Creator Starter
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Why SMS?
SMS delivery is real time compared to App Notifications like Youtube Notification aren't guaranteed to send to your audience in real time.

SMS can help your fans and viewers access your cookbooks, and save your recipes for later in limited browsers like on TikTok.
Why only 1 SMS drop / month?
Although SMS is unlimited for most consumer plans, the same doesn't hold true for SMS software platforms. Our product needs to send multiple messages per 1 drop, and this is a way to control our message volume in the early stages. It also helps create a better experience for fans so that they aren't spammed by promotional messages.
What do you mean by early access?
We're currently testing the vision of the scope of our first product. Things may change as we adapt and learn what creators need. Our early access program is designed to help us move fast and fulfill the needs of food creators. You'll also have access to our Discord.
Do I need a Shopify storefront?
Currently yes. It's simplest way to setup up shops!

If you use a different e-commerce platform, feel free to reach out we would love to learn more about your needs.
What does pricing look like?
We believe charging a marketplace fee will help you grow, and help us accomplish our mission.

We only win if you win. Contact us to learn more.
Why Dropify?
We're on a quest
to end creator
A creator economy that's for creators, driven by values and sustainability.
We believe starting with food creators will help us accomplish this bold mission. That's because food creators are uniquely positioned where the product they deliver is deeply engrained in culture, and it's energizing to create new recipes.
The co-founding team at Dropify collectively has 15+ years working in institutions, businesses and some of the fastest growing start ups in Canada.
Co-Founder & CEO
All things product and technology.
Co-Founder & COO
All things business and operations.
Co-Founder & CPCO
All things people and culture.
Chief Doggo
Because entrepreneurship is hard work!
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Our Values
We are global citizens who think big and recognize that impact is anywhere and anyone. We believe small teams can accomplish global impact.
We strive to raise the bar, and never settle. As owners, we are accountable for all outputs of our company.
We help companies to build more inclusive teams and processes that recognize and amplify the contributions of the team.
We provide operational clarity inside and out by diving deep at all levels of the process.
We believe that compassion plus curiosity leads to empathy. We seek wisdom by leaning into the future and thinking long term.
We believe that products and processes that are designed better, perform better.